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    So you just spent hours washing and detailing your own vehicle and it is looking great! You step back to take some glamor shots but your attention immediately goes to one of the biggest eye sores that has plagued detailers for years: rusty rotors.

    Hyde's Serum Rustopper is the first product of its kind (that I am aware of) that is specifically engineered to solve this problem. The application is easy and the results are proven true. It is as simple as "spray on," and then sit back and watch your rotors stay rust-free! What's even better about the product is that it actually forms a protective layer on the rotor to stop the rust from even forming. So, in theory, you should be able to apply Rustopper after cleaning your wheels, and the rotors would then be protected during the body wash of the vehicle. This was what I really wanted to put to the test on last weekend's detail of a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee. So let's get to the review!

    Here is my test wheel prior to any washing. Relatively clean, but there is definitely some brake dust caked onto the barrels and inside of the wheel. (sorry for the mediocre pictures)

    Here are the directions that you can find on the back label of the bottle:

    Directions for Use:

    1. After cleaning wheel and braking system, rinse thoroughly with water and let excess water drip for several seconds.

    2. From a close distance, apply liberally to brake rotor surface, spraying in a sweeping motion around the rotor face at least two times.

    3. The liquid may fizz as it reacts with the iron rotor. Finally, wipe any excess liquid inside wheel.


    Protect against frost or freezing. Do not apply in direct sunlight or to hot wheels.

    I went ahead and cleaned the wheel using Adam's Deep Wheel cleaner and my assortment of brushes and woolies. I also went ahead and did the tires and wheel wells with Meguiar's APC (full strength) and then rinsed everything down thoroughly.

    Rinsed wheel:

    I waited about 20 seconds and then sprayed an even coating of Rustopper around the rotor (making sure to get behind the spokes of the wheel) and then applied an even second coat. The spray nozzle worked great and I was not worried about over spray. I then moved on to the next wheel and let the Rustopper air dry. It's really that simple! Spray it on, walk away. Done. I prefer to do one wheel at a time so I repeated this process for all 4 wheels. Once I finished the last wheel I put another couple coats on the drivers side to compare if that made any difference in the amount of protection during the body wash.

    I then proceeded to wash the jeep with foam gun and 2 bucket wash, iron x and clay the paint, all while rinsing often to avoid water spots. (I was claying with a speedy prep wash mitt and a soapy-wash-water and clay lube combo) Then, I pulled it inside to dry with sidekick blaster and drying towels. Here is the end result with PLENTY of rinses since the Rustopper application!


    The results seemed the same on the passenger side as well. I had used the Rustopper on about 6-8 vehicles prior to this one and got great results each time. I really wanted to test out the protective qualities of it this time by soaking the wheels after initial application over an extended period of time and it still protected. I am confident that with a more liberal application and possibly another coat it would have left the rotors with a more "polished" look too.

    To sum it up: It is a FACT that Hyde's Serum Rustopper works and does exactly what it says it will do. It is extremely easy to use and solves a problem that has been plaguing detailers for years. It is a must have in any detailer's arsenal!

    The only negative I found with the product is that the sprayer tube was too short for the bottle. This was the only bottle I owned so it may not be the case in all of them. I had a good inch left of product when the sprayer stopped picking any of it up, but It was a simple fix: I just squeezed the bottom of the bottle and flattened it out so that the product was pushed up towards the area where the sprayer tube was.

    I reached out to Ryan at Hyde's Serum about the short spray tube and received an almost immediate response. Looks like the problem has already been taken care of with new, revamped sprayer heads that have a spray tube that is long enough to use up everything at the bottom of the bottle. I believe I bought my bottle as soon as I saw an add for it on Detailers Domain so it was an earlier generation one.

    New sprayer head:
    Pick up a bottle and let me know how your results compare! Thanks for reading.
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    Thanks for taking the time to write this review. I got a bottle coming my way soon. Cant wait to try it out!!
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    Looking forward to your feedback.

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