Removing vinyl adhesive after vehicle wrap removal

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    So, I met with a customer of mine who recently purchased an H3 that had been completely vinyl wrapped by a local advertising company. The customer just recently paid $$$ to have the vinyl removed and was told by the shop that removed it "this is the best we can do .... you'll have to have someone else finish it".

    Well, from what I can tell they overcharged my client and didn't come close to delivering what had been paid for. The vehicle has the remains of the vinyl adhesive absolutely EVERYWHERE and it's pretty much a nightmare to even think about where to begin in the removal process.

    The H3 is yellow so seeing/finding all of the remaining adhesive isn't difficult. I'm unable to book the job until May 7th so I have some time to find a remedy to aid me in the removal process.

    My question (finally):
    What is the best method or product to use in removing this stuff?

    I did try some APC that removed the lighter parts, but the heavy stuff wouldn't budge. I haven't tried polishing as I believe it would only gum up and create a bigger problem.


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    BUMPage .....
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    I used a heat gun about 10 inches or so away from the area on a recent customers porsche boxster s to slowly heat up the area where some adhesive was left over. It allowed the remaining adhesive to get soft enough so that i could carefully take if off. I wore a latex glove and used my finger to pick and also "roll" it off if that makes sense. I was correcting the paint afterwards of course so if i did marr/ scratch the clear using this method i knew i was going to correct later that day.
    Hope this helps, if you choose to do the route that i did, might wanna grab a cold'll take some time and patience
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    My Friend recently de-badged his car, there was adhesive left over, so we used Turtle Wax Rubbing compound and a towel that was going to go in the trash anyways to transfer adhesive to the towel, sure it might of marred his car a bit but this was before DB and then last week (I work customer service PT at Canadian Tire) and a customer was returning "goo gone for cars" because he had bought a auctioned Truck that previously belonged to a hydro company that still had the shadow of there logo from the wrap around it, I again recommend rubbing compound, and I haven't seen him yet. Note* I don't actually know how abrasive rubbing compound actually is, so if your not correcting after words, look for a better solution
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    3m adhesive remover, steam, goo off or try a ipa water mix
  6. D&D Auto Detailing

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  7. magnumrt

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    Body shop thinners would probably be your best bet
  8. ToadHollow

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    Thanks everyone!

    I know it's going to take patience and man ............ this adhesive is absolutely EVERYWHERE on this truck. I'll definitely give all the ideas a go.

    Thanks again fellas!
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    Wondering if you had any luck with any specific chemicals.. I've "unwrapped" my car, and the majority (all of the body panels) came off beautifully, with only small areas of adhesive left over, and minimal paint loss.. However my ENTIRE trunk was wrapped in some VERY thin printed vinyl which left literally all of its adhesive (has to be close to a 1/32" thick. I've tried goo gone and bought some 3M remover, which softens it up enough that a blade can scrape it off (which isnt too bad.. just takes forever..) Wondering what worked for you..
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    Crest Hi Solv does the trick wonderfully! Being as it's going to be hard to find though, I'd call a local auto paint supplier and order up a five gallon bucket of body solvent for prepping panels. It removes damn near anything, and I used it to unwrap an E350 and sprinter that had been wrapped for a pro cycling team
  11. 911Fanatic

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    Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover is my go to. Remember that with any solvent, dwell time is the key. Nothing is a spray on, wipe off product. Spray it on, give it a few minutes to dwell and then use a plastic razor blade to remove. If it doesn't budge easily, spray and allow to dwell again. Have a roll of paper towels handy to wipe the razor blade off with.
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