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Discussion in 'Interior Car Care' started by joffems, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. joffems

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    While the story below didn't occur in a car, I think that the lesson I learned may be useful for others for interiors.

    I recently spilled coffee all over a custom made microfiber lounge seat at my place and effectively ruined the thing. There was a giant black stain over half of the chair and I wasn't sure what to do.

    I called the carpet cleaner that has looked after the furniture and carpets in my parents house for 2 decades and explained the issue to him. He gave me some Chemspec Spray 'N Go and promised it would do the trick. The results were amazing! The chair is spotless and back in the living room. MY only regret is not taking before and after photos.

    The process was simple.

    1. Mix the powder with hat water.
    2. Spray evenly onto the stain
    3. Agitate with a toothbrush
    4. Use a wet cloth to pat around the spot to prevent a watermark around the cleanup area.
    5. Vacuum when dry.

    Out of interest, what do you guys use to get coffee out of cloth? Anyone else work with the Chemspec before for car interiors?
  2. kaiten408

    kaiten408 Jedi Nuba

    Never heard of the company. For that I would probably use 303 Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner diluted (basically 303 Cleaner/Spot Remover). It's extremely effective in my experience, but not very popular for some reason.
  3. trinidadflores

    trinidadflores New Member

    The dish washing detergent and the vinegar solution is helpful for removing and stain or the smell from the fabric.. I tried it for my home Custom Area Rugs .. It worked for me..
  4. tigerwash

    tigerwash New Member

    303 fabric cleaner works well
  5. ModernBlue9

    ModernBlue9 New Member

    Fabric cleaner and my steamer.
  6. inDetail

    inDetail New Member

    Try the most gentle way first. Coffee has acids in it and some chemical cleaners can react with those acids and discolor the fabric.
    Citrus based soda flavors along with the carbonic acid is notorious for this.
  7. tigerwash

    tigerwash New Member

    303 cleaner seems to work very well in my experience
  8. OnSite Restorations

    OnSite Restorations New Member

    Hi, we have a product we use called BLEMISH BAR: for stubborn stains detailers face upholstery, carpets, headliners! Even clothing and furniture! Removes stains from coffee, juices, lipstick, blood...

    It is 100% biodegradable and is very effective on stain removal. It comes in a pack with 1 Bar, 1 Blotting Towel, 1 bristle brush and instructions for $14 and additional bars are $8/each (discounts available on larger orders). if you'd like details.

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