Remove LSP before polishing?

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  1. Duratys

    Duratys Welcome to Detailing

    Is it important to remove whatever LSP is on the paint prior to polishing? Whats the best way to remove all of it if its is important to do so?
  2. Al-53

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    The polishing will remove any LSP on the paint....the abrasives and solvents will cut it off no problem...just do a strong wash mix before to get any ground in grime off and you set to go worries

  3. MAKDaddy626

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    Claying will remove most LSPs from the paint prior to polishing. A strong was with DAWN dishwashing detergent will work if you don't need to clay.
  4. Duratys

    Duratys Welcome to Detailing

    Thats kinda what I thought but figured id ask before I start.

    Thanx :thumb:
  5. Nica

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    Is it important to remove curent SLP? I would have to say that it depends, I think it's important but let me explain. I've noticed a few detailers in the UK complain about LSP causing the polish to act up. Now this seems to happen more with sealants. Now it's never happend to me but like I said it has happen to a few detailers in the UK...mind you it could have also been the type of vehicle and type of clear coat....but just thought I'd share what I've could help :shrug:

    As to how I remove the LSP, yes wsh the vehicle with a stronger shampoo mix. I some times P21S Total Auto Wash to wash the vehicle, this works very well for me.

    Well just my :2cents:
  6. Asphalt Rocket

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    Nica, I agree with you on the sealants sometimes causing a problem at the polishing stage. I have run into that a few times.
  7. Duratys

    Duratys Welcome to Detailing

    Seeing as how this is my first time trying polishing.....what will the polish do if its not working right and the LSP is causing issues?

    Also how will I know that the polish has been broken down properly? I will be using 106FA and a sonus white.
  8. togwt

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    It is important to know when a polish has broken down because if you take it too far it will dust and you will re-introduce surface marring, conversely if you don’t work diminishing abrasives sufficiently they will cause surface marring; this is due to the size of the abrasive and its cutting ability, were as once an abrasive has broken down it will burnish the surface as opposed to cutting it

    Polish to a ‘haze’ - when a polish "flashes" from a liquid paste to a light semi-dry haze; its colour changes from the polish colour to almost transparent; the polish has then broken down and is ready for removal. The point at which a polish is fully broken down comes with experience but a good yard stick is when the polish has become clear and can easily be wiped off.

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