Rear Ended Advise Needed

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  1. ouhockeyplayer

    ouhockeyplayer Virgin Detailer

    So I was rear ended in my 3 month old 2013 WRX tonight. Luckily I was rolling forward slightly and the other driver hit me lightly enough to not cause too much damage. All the scratches and scuffs buffed out pretty well but I noticed a small area of spider webbing. It looks worse in the picture with the flash catching it, but my question is well this get worse over time. You can not catch anything with your finger nail and there appears to be no cracking. I want to avoid a repaint for money reasons and for the sake of my metallic paint possibly not matching. Your thoughts are appreciated.

    photo (3).JPG
  2. Chaseme

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    It might get worse in heating cycles (hot to cold). But I would imagine it should be fine.
  3. ouhockeyplayer

    ouhockeyplayer Virgin Detailer

    Thanks. I'm assuming it is the base coat under the clear since my finger nail can not catch on anything when running over it. You really can't see it unless you have light on it and it is on the bottom area of the bumper, so I am hoping it will just stay the same and not cause any problems. Between a new house and a wedding right now extra money is not in the cards.

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