Quick Tip: Salt Removal with Nanolex Pre Wash Concentrate

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    Quick Tip: Get all that Salt off your car.
    Use Nanolex Pre Wash Concentrate 1000 ML or 5 Liter

    • Dilute 2-4 oz in a spray bottle, foamer, or foam gun
    • Fill the rest of bottle with warm/hot water (important this is the key to help lift the salt)
    • Pre Soak the car and watch the salt lift off, rinse off (pressure washer if you got one) the Nanolex Pre Wash Concentrate 1000 ml or 5L
    • Go back and do a traditional 2 bucket wash
    • Dry off and use a good coating topper or spray sealant
    Note: Nanolex PreWash Concentrate will not take remove your coated vehicles, however on a waxed or sealed vehicle it can remove the last step. If so now's your chance to try out one of these Silica Based Products - they are all easy to use -




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