quick review of the new meg extra cut mf pads (dmx)

Discussion in 'Car Detailing Product Discussion' started by nyrep1, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. nyrep1

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    had a chance to use the new extra cut pads ....very very impessive . impressed to the point where i would say that anyone that likes the current dmc pads and d300 and does a good bit of correction work should invest in a set right away.

    1st they are super thin . i did not understand how much so until i started using them. the only cushion you willl have is from your backing plate. this lack of any padding means one that it is very easy to stop them from spinning by using uneven pressure and that they will make some very odd vibration as you move along a body panel.

    2. they cut very well with just d300. i know meg says 25% more cut but on the car i used them on (magnetic black pearl 350z) i swear it seems closer to a 50% increase in cut. they cut to the point that one pass with d300/dmx pad was cutting and finishing as well as 2 passes with d300/dmc pads and better then m105/d300 mix with dmc pads.

    3 in my opinion on this car at least they finish better then any of the above options. now i can feel no difference in the mf so i have to attribute this better finishing to the fact that these pads require very little pressure to cut so they leave less haze. and i mean a significant amount less haze. to the point where there are areas where i wont need to use a 2nd stage on this medium hard paint.

    4 ...the only negatives i can see at this point is that one they curl up after washing. i will see how this effects use in the morning and two it can be very tricky to use these on curved panels. the polisher will vibrate and dance quite a bit as you move it around.

    i will have some video and pictures in the next few days
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  2. nyrep1

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  3. InsanePaint

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    HHHmmmm. This is very interesting, especially due to the fact that the original pads were ALREADY so dang thin, lol. Great info and thanks for passing along. Nicely spoken.
  4. .:RTime

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    ive also used them, and they do cut great
  5. Meticulous-Detail

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    Great info, will have to pick some up from Phil.
  6. CG6Lemon

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    thanks for the in depth review. I, too enjoy using Meg mf pads. Will pick some up in my next order.

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