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  1. DirtyWeRX

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    Hey guys,

    A customer came up to our shop last week scheduling an appointment to get a car he just bought checked over to make sure it runs well and has no issues.

    Not sure about the year but its an Infinity M37 (maybe, wasnt really paying attention)

    He was asking one of the mechanics is there is anything he can do to prevent the 18"chrome wheels from corroding and eventually flaking off in pieces. Ive seen it happen to about a million Chryslers.

    The mechanic pulled me over to talk to him about it... and honeslty, I dont know. Ive worked in a tire shop for the past 5 years and know that the areas that start flaking in to pieces start with the barrels and inner lip that is pushed up against the bead of the tire.

    I told him that I would ask around for a solution and talk with him again when he returns for the inspection.

    Would OG prevent chrome from flaking? I know it would help against corrosion from starting but I am aware that flaking can be the result of multiple things. I would trust that Nissan/Infinity has a higher quality chroming process than Chrysler. But I have no idea.

    I just dont want to tell him yes, pay me to coat them, then have them fail later down the line.
  2. Kilo6_one

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    I dont think OG will prevent it from flaking, alot of times from what I have seen is that once it chips somewhere it is all down hill from there. its like a cancer. that is my 2 cents, I dont think there is a solid yes or no type answer, chrome is such a crap shoot.
  3. Frankastic

    Frankastic Detail Photographer

    I agree with kilo, I would advise the owner to get the wheels refurbish, then apply OC for protection.
  4. DirtyWeRX

    DirtyWeRX DB Forum Supporter

    Thats what I was thinking Karl. I told him that it would make them easier to clean, and help prevent water spots. But doubtful about flaking
  5. DirtyWeRX

    DirtyWeRX DB Forum Supporter

    Franki, the guy bought the car used. It was hardly driven and the wheels are still in great shape. I just dont want him to think he's wasting his money. Id just have to make it very clear what he should expect
  6. Pureshine

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    +2 ya if you don't take of them from day 1 your kind screwed. I get them all the time from people here in seattle who never take care of them. when they bring them to me its to late there trashed and I can't do anything for them
  7. yamabob

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    A bit late to the party as I've been of the country for a bit. The Chrysler wheels you see peeling are not chrome but vacuumized aluminum.They have more of a yellowish tint rather than the blueish tint of chrome. If they were plated properly- they should not peel. I believe it's a good idea to coat them anyway
  8. TheRustySuper

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    Seems like once anything "breaks" the finish on these wheels it's all over, the damage just spreads and you can't really stop it. Lots of the cars I get are really beat and on repeat customers I can actually watch it spread over time.
  9. Meticulous-Detail

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    If your going to coat them just tell him up front there is no guarantee it will work and let him make the decision.
  10. 911Fanatic

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    The plating doesn't make that much of a difference. Chrome is very soft and if a rock chips it, water and such can get under it and you're done. Imagine throwing a rock in your dryer and turning it on.


    The only way to make sure they don't peel is to sell them and get some painted wheels. Period.
  11. Kilo6_one

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    when I managed a tire shop we used to get people with chrome wheels where the lip was comprised and enough chrome was chipped off over the years it would not even hold a bead.................Not a fan of chrome wheels
  12. piginapoke

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    Unfortunately there are some vehicles that painted wheels simply do not work. ltmark-albums-random-picture149905-lt4.jpg Almost all new chrome wheels are clear coated, and therefore are good candidates for OC, mine are to far gone to save but a new pair will have two coats of OC on before I even mount the tires. With my luck after the OC, the wheel weights wont stick.
  13. yamabob

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