Question on proper use of Iron Out and Tarminator.

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    I've resolved to finally correct and protect the paint of our two wonderful VW Golfs(2010 GTI and 2012 R.) Life has been busy for the past few years and I have not done anything other than keeping them reasonably clean. As the paint has never been protected(I know, shame on me), it is in need of some serious cleaning. I don't think the GTI needs much attention with Tarminator, but the R was parked very near a parking lot that was being re-sealed and there is a very fine layer of parking lot sealer dust on most of the car. I would like to remove the contaminates as safely as possible but I'm new to these products and need some advice.

    The prep plan so far is as follows:
    1. Wash
    2. Dry
    3. Iron-Out
    4. Tarminator
    5. Wash
    6. Clay

    - Is this the "correct" order and am I missing any steps before paint correction?
    - Should Iron-Out be applied to wet or dry paintwork?
    - Given the type of tar contamination described on the Golf R, any advice on the best way to address it? Not sure If I should spray Tarminator directly on to small sections of the car and let it sit for a minute before wiping off or if I should apply it to a rag first then wipe it onto the car. For reference, the contamination is not visible to the naked eye but it will heavily contaminate a section of a clay bar in just a few swipes.

    Thanks in advance for any advice,
  2. kaiten408

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    I would suggest using a strong car wash soap mixed with some all purpose cleaner or degreaser for the first step, then follow with the Iron-Out. It would get quite expensive to spray the whole car with Tarminator. Hopefully after the wash and Iron Out you will only need to use the Tarminator in certain spots, and yes you can spray it directly on the paint and on the rag if you would like.

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