Question about "repaired" rock chips

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    Hi all, so my father just picked up a Z4 yesterday and the paint is in some pretty rough condition. No rust or anything, just in need of some major buffing with some m300 and a mf pad. However, there is one spot on the hood that looked like it got hit with a rock pretty hard and the previous owner used some touch up paint to fill it in. However, the paint still doesn't come up to the same level as the hood (height wise).

    I figure the best way to go about this is to sand that area, fill it up and go over it with touch up paint again, but that may have to wait. As of now, what's the best way to tackle this? Should i use 2000 grit and flatten the area down, then just buff everything else down to get it as smooth as possible?

    I won't be able to get pictures up until tomorrow (at the earliest). sorry!

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