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  1. 05audi

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    Hi I have a 2005 audi a4 with 2005 audi a4 wheels on it. The new wheels are different then the factory. What PSI would you recommend?

    The tires are size 255/40/17. They are Continental ContiExtreme Contact Tires.

  2. Look on the side of the tire for the manufactures recommended p.s.i. :cig:
  3. 05audi

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    It only says the max psi not the recommended
  4. Emile

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    Stick to the recommendation provided by Audi for your car. That takes the car's weight and suspension setup into account, as well as what is appropriate for a regular-driven vehicle (meaning not for the track). I know your tire size and profile may be different from the original wheels and tires, but still stick to Audi's recommendation because 255/40-17 isn't too out of the ordinary, except for some additional width you've got there.

    For quick reference, there should be a sticker on the vehicle which tells you the factory recommended tire pressures. It will either be on the door jamb when you open the driver's door, or behind the fuel filler door.
  5. Keenan T

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    Just look in the owners Manual
  6. detailersdomain

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    yup I would agree look at your owners manual.
  7. 05audi

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    It wasn't in the door jam I'll check in the manual. thanks guys

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