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  1. dantesguy

    dantesguy Virgin Detailer

    Today I'm doing a wash & wax on my friends bmw 330ci and it just dawned on me that I forgot to buy the raggtopp kit for cleaning fabric tops :gasp:. So I was wondering are there any good OTC products I could use for protection?
  2. christian900se

    christian900se Obsessive Detailer

    Yes, any marine store such as Westmarine will carry 303 Fabric Guard which is an excellent fabric protectant. I used to use Raggtopp but Fabric Guard has better durability, is easier to use, and has better hydrophobic properties to keep the top waterproof and sealed. It also enhances the color of the soft top which is a bonus.

    2 coats back to back will yield about 6 months of protection on a car which sits outside 24/7.
  3. beabout

    beabout Virgin Detailer

    RaggTopp seems to work well for me, have had my 03 Cobra since 8/02 with fabric top, used nothing but RaggTopp stuff and top looks new. Course it was recommended by fabric supplier to Ford.
  4. slanguage

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    I used 303 aerospace when I used to have a 'vert.
  5. Emile

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    What about the Autoglym Hood Cleaning Kit? Comes with 1 bottle of Hood Cleaner and 1 bottle of Hood Protector. I've seen some people over on DW using this combo kit on their convertible details.

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