Product Review - Hose-eez Detailing Tool - Stop hose & cord jams

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    Hello everybody. This is my first product review, I thought I would share a pretty cool tool i got for christmas, since we all seem to have this problem while cleaning. Our hoses and tool cords get caught in the tires while we are cleaning!!! Well this fixes just that :p

    Product name: Hose-eez - Tire Guard

    Description: Small & Compact tool that slides underneath the tires of any car, truck or motorcycle. It seemed to fasten itself against the tires with its grips on the sides of the product. It features a roller on the end of each piece, which allows hoses, cords ect. to move freely back and forth without a tire jam. (Which is cool, I have seen others like this, but none of them featured a roller or a locking system)

    Usage: Detailing & Painting - Blocks hoses & cords from jamming

    Performance: It seemed to work really well. It did exactly what it said it was suppose to, was very easy to pull hoses & cords around the tires, they were just rolling back and forth. Seemed to be very sturdy, fastened at the bottom with steel screws to keep the moving parts in place. I have had other products, such as the hose-slide and it didn't quite do it for me, this certainly was a big step up.

    Cost: $19.99/set (comes with 4 pieces for the car)

    Conclusion: Very good little product, fits just about anywhere, small and compact, yet effective. Nothing like it with a locking & roller feature. Recommended!

    Final Score: 9/10 - Great tool

    Pick em up off the web

    I know you can grab them at a few locations in the US & CAD tho..... such as detailed image

    Demonstration Picture
    Pic off their website

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    I got a bucket from the dollar store.....cut the bottom out and then cut into great
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    Lol great idea!

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