Product clumping/caking issue... thoughts?

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  1. zmcgovern45

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    So I started machine polishing a Porsche 911 Turbo tonight and some weird things started happening...

    I am doing a 1 step correction and had chosen PF2500 + White Pad as my combo.

    As I am working, I am noticing the product is "caking" onto the surface in some areas, and as I reduce pressure for my final 1-2 finishing passes, there are little balls of product flying out from underneath the pad. The product is also very hard to wipe away - it's drying like concrete onto the paint.

    ^Caked product

    ^balls of product... this is not dust, but much bigger balls of product that are flying out from beneath the pad

    ^View from further away

    This is happening when using a fresh pad, properly primed, 2 pea sized drops of product. Working in the garage, surface is cool to the touch.

    I've never seen this before, and I haven't changed anything in my usual routine... it is quite annoying and a PITA!

    Any thoughts on what is happening and/or how I can correct it?
  2. daveinsweethome

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    humidity change? different pore density on pad? maybe a new companies foam? you could check kevin browns threads. sorry thats all i got
  3. 911Fanatic

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    The infamous Porsche sticky paint rears it's ugly head! LOL Are you using a rotary or a DA?
  4. richy

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    Infiniti's were bad for that too!

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