Prima Line Poll (should we carry it)

Discussion in 'Detailers Domain' started by detailersdomain, Jul 28, 2010.


Should we carry the Prima Line

  1. Yes. I have used it and would buy from DD

    0 vote(s)
  2. Yes. But I have not used it yet

    23 vote(s)
  3. No. I tried it out but don't like it

    32 vote(s)
  4. No not at all

    4 vote(s)
  1. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    Would like to get some feedback on the Prima Line.

    Would you like to see us carry it.

    How many have used it and which products are a must have?
  2. rwisejr

    rwisejr DB Forum Supporter

    Yes Phil I use it and it is some very good stuff.
  3. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    so which ones?
  4. Mindflux

    Mindflux Welcome to Detailing

  5. pektel

    pektel DB Forum Supporter

    I have not used it. I was very interested when I only had a porter cable. But now I have a stock of Menz that I would need to burn through first.

    So for me, it would be at least a year before I buy any more polishes.
  6. Mindflux

    Mindflux Welcome to Detailing

    They also sell QD, Leather Conditioner, LSPs, Vinyl/Trim treatment etc. It's not just polish products.

    Someone seriously voted that Phil shouldn't EVER carry Prima? WTF? Seriously? You're done trying new products all together and something new isn't interesting to you?
  7. pektel

    pektel DB Forum Supporter

    lol. that wasn't me.

    Good point about the other products. I am not saying whether or not they are good products. I am just REALLY overstocked on supplies right now. No need for any of that stuff.

    But then again, when has it been about NEEDING anything? :D
  8. Mindflux

    Mindflux Welcome to Detailing

    Exactly! I just buy stuff to try, even though I don't need it.

    EG: I have a GALLON of Optimum Protectant Plus, but that's not gonna stop me from buying Prima Nourish to condition my wifes leather. :p
  9. Emile

    Emile Welcome to Detailing

    The Prima Nero looks like an interesting dressing, and there is a YouTube video on it and it seems to have a great look to the door panel the guy is doing.

    I am curious about Prima Hydro, everybody only says good things about it.
  10. Mindflux

    Mindflux Welcome to Detailing

    That's Richard Lin (Creator of Black WOW). He sells Prima on his online store.
  11. Frankastic

    Frankastic Detail Photographer

    I'll try it once phils tries it!
  12. Streetlife

    Streetlife Birth of a Detailer

    I use the Prima Nourish, it's my favorite leather conditioner. I have Amigo but haven't used it yet, but i've been told it's very good ( i have other products i'm using right now, will try it on my next detail ).
  13. Denzil

    Denzil Guest

    Yeah, I'm curious to hear what Phil thinks of it after trying it out. :)
  14. Dangler

    Dangler Birth of a Detailer

    i love there mf towels, the best.

    the monster fluffy and WW drying towel are my preferred towels for my personal car

    I've yet to try any other prima products.
  15. Mindflux

    Mindflux Welcome to Detailing

    I used to be on a board (that's been down for a couple years) that really liked some the Prima line, but there were always continual raves about the monster fluffy!

    Just a reminder: VOTE! I'm seeing positive responses here but the vote count isn't changing. Phil wants 50+ people to say they'd like to see Prima at DD and he'll consider picking it up :)
  16. Pats300zx

    Pats300zx Official DB Moderator

    I have used Slick. It a great QD !!!!

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  17. oldcracker

    oldcracker Jedi Nuba

  18. sal329

    sal329 Nuba Guru

    Phil you should try the products I think you'd like them. Swirl, Amigo, Hydro, Clarity are all great. I have heard good things but yet to try Epic, Nero, Nourish and Slick.
  19. mikenap

    mikenap Jedi Nuba

    I think this is a great idea! Thanks Mindflux for bringing this up.
  20. rcalcaide

    rcalcaide Virgin Detailer

    Phil, get the Prima line. Outstanding stuff. All of it. A little pricey but nonetheless very high quality.

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