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  1. plowery21

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    Recently started looking for a pressure washer for the car. A friend of mine heard I was looking and offered me a deal I couldn't refuse on a gas Briggs sand Stratton 2500 PSI unit. I wasn't aware this was one of the product lines he sells through his business. The unit is new and was practically given to me considering what they sell for….

    My main question is can I use this on the car or is it too powerful? It states that the 40 degree tip sprays at a "gentle" 1950 PSI. That is the lowest besides the "Detergent" tip. No PSI is given for the detergent tip.

    Im sure I can use this around the house if I need to go electric with lower PSI but I was hoping someone here could shed some light on the PSI range and if its safe.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. PDRKS

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    I used my 3000 psi on my engine too clean and it blew the paint off. If you are looking to use a foamer to clean I would suggest lower psi.

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