Pressure Washer Lance Gun, Wand, hose, etc.

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    Hi folks. I've been searching through the forums trying to find if anyone has a recommendations on these pressure washer components.

    I have a 3000 psi Honda powered Husky from Home Depot. I am looking for a better hose and trigger setup than what it came with. That stuff worked well for a few years but is now starting to rust.

    I'm familiar with Pressure Washers Direct,, Jack's and some other online warehouses for this gear, but I need guidance from those who have found the better pieces to put together. Quality, quickly interchangeable from foam cannon to water, hose length and flexibility are all important considerations.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who provides their feedback.
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    BikeGeek Virgin Detailer

    The staff at Northern Tools helped steer me right. I have a great new setup, all quick connect/disconnect and a much better hose. I can't believe so many people viewed this thread and nobody posted.

    Hose: $75

    Non-Marking Pressure Washer Hose — 4000 PSI, 50ft. Length

    Trigger Spray Gun: $25

    NorthStar Pressure Washer Trigger Spray Gun — 4000 PSI, 8 GPM

    Wand: $9

    General Pump Steel Wand (Pipe Only) — 18in., Model# DL18ICS

    25 and 40 degree spray nozzles: $14

    Metric to QD Hose Coupler: $8

    NorthStar Ball-Type Pressure Washer Quick Coupler Nipple — 22mm Inlet Size, 4000 PSI

    Assorted QD male and female connections: $20

    Now I can switch between my spray wand and foam cannon from Phil @ DD quickly and easily. This setup proved much more satisfying to use yesterday while cleaning 3 cars simultaneously, '09 M3, '11 335d, '11 Elantra.

    Good luck to those who find this information useful.

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