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    This exciting project was brought to me all the way from Washington DC, so that I could properly paint correct, clear wrap, ceramic coat and make some cosmetic upgrades to this Mclaren MP4-12C Spider. This stunning color combo was getting ready for a cross country journey that would end up spanning over 2 months with the owner and over 12k miles after leaving me. I’m here to show you guys the visual transformation it received before being enjoyed by it’s new owner to the fullest! What better way to enjoy your new to you exotic?

    This Spider came in with just three thousand miles on it, and while it wasn’t in rough shape, it could be taken up a few notches. Even better so, now benefitting from the added protection it received before going on it’s long trip. I’ll let the pictures take the story from here…

    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 1
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 2

    The brakes were standard black, which the owner felt was too plain on such an awesome color combination. So he decided to have us match them to McLaren Orange. We completely degreased, sanded down and etched the calipers then painted them using high heat enamel based primer and base coat, airbrushed the logos and then finished them with a high heat enamel clear. Giving them a completely OEM look! We choose not to go the powdercoat route to avoid having to rebuild the calipers and full brake system service, given the cars plans to go cross country.

    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 3
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 4

    While the brakes were being done, the wheels were removed to be completely DeIronized, clayed, polished and then ceramic coated using CQuartz . Below you will see the before and after results!

    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 6
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 7
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 8
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 9
    [​IMG] [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 11
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 12 11.
    With the wheels and brakes curing, next was preparing the paint to be both clear wrapped and ceramic coated. The paint condition, while wasn’t dire, still needed a full correction to qualify for the desired protection install. The following shows the before condition under powerful LEDs that mimic direct sunlight, then the 50/50 photos and finished non coated paint in the same lighting after the half and half shots.

    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 13
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 14
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 15
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 16
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 17
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 18
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 19
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 20
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 21
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 22
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 23
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 27
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 28 [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 29 25.

    And with a little bonus of the 50/50 shot on the Key itself

    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 24

    With the paint prepared properly prepared, the clear film install was able to commence. This was a completely custom install to remove all seams and wrap all edges to make it as invisible as possible. Here you can see the initial install and the films appearance after initial install.

    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 31 [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 30
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 32
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 33

    Post film install and reprep, the entire body was then coated with CQuartz Finest Ceramic coating in three layers. All painted and clear wrapped surfaces received the coating and was IR cured as shown in the photo below!

    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 33(1)

    Now for the finished result, showing the true gloss and depth that this color has to offer. Starting off with some reflection and full vehicle profile shots inside under fluorescent and LED lighting. Then shown outside under the true test, sunlight!

    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 34
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 35
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 36
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 37
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 38
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 39
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 41
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 42
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 43
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 48 [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 45
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 46
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 49(1)
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 50
    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 51

    What better way to end the write up, than with a wave good bye as this MP4 was loaded on to my custom built trailer that is tailored to low, wide exotics to transport it back to Washington DC? After this photo, the car went on to tour the entire US and cover over 12k miles in just two months...if only all exotics were enjoyed the same!

    [​IMG]Mclaren Oakes Detail 52

    As always, thanks for checking it out. Hope you enjoyed the transformation! There are plenty more exciting threads coming!
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    Looks great!
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    Man. What a truly incredible job and write up. I can only hope to aspire to this level.
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    Amazing work and attention to detail.

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