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    Suppose I want to remove swirls before I apply my final wax or sealant. And I would think that this is more critical in the case of sealants. So, I wash, clay bar then use something like Meguiars Ultimate Compound then Ultimate Polish to get the surface looking the way I want. Since I applied product to remove swirls, that product is still on the surface. If I apply my sealant immediately, I have to believe that I'm going to compromise the effectiveness of the sealant. Sealants as I understand, want to adhere directly to the surface.

    So the question is, what is the best way to remove my compound/polish without introducing swirls back into the surface. I've heard people say to use isopropyl alcohol and water mix in a spray bottle. But I would think that spraying and wiping could definitely cause fine scratches. Also, I'm thinking there wouldn't be enough liquid there to effectively remove previous product. I thought about re-washing. But then there's the risk of scratching and water spots.

    So, what am I missing? What is the best way to remove the products use to get the paint looking its best prior to applying sealant (example, Zaino).

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    Carpro eraser is a very popular option, look into it. Adds a little lubrication as well as removing polish residue
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    Excellent, thank you !

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    Dave, I always do an IPA/Water wipe down after compounding. Sometimes I do a one step, others I go over with finishing wax and apply sealant/wax on top and have not had one complaint from clients or any concerns with scratching. Remember, we are only removing dust, so plenty of lubricant, microfiber towels and a soft touch is all that is needed!!


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