1. hakstern

    hakstern Virgin Detailer

    I'm looking into polishing my car, but I don't have a garage. I was wondering how safe would it be to polish my car in a car port that is covered only 1/2 the sides are covered while the other 1/2 is exposed?
  2. okay65829

    okay65829 Active Member

    Good question. Chances are you won't get 100% correction due to many limiting factors such as dust/wind, possibly improper lighting, and changing outside temp which effects the way polishes react but I'm sure it will be a huge improvement if done properly. So to answer your question, the more you limit the limitations the easier it will be and the better the results.
  3. hakstern

    hakstern Virgin Detailer

    Thank you for the response, I was afraid it would damage the car more with the dust flying around. As far as doing panel per panel, should I wash every panel when I'm about to polish it (I've already washed the entire car/clayed) since I have exposed dust/temp change?
  4. okay65829

    okay65829 Active Member

    I know people that work on their personal cars and do a panel at a time but it's not ideal I've always wanted to see the finished product all at once. Are you doing a full correction or a 1 step or just removing oxidation with a paint cleaner like sonax? It's tough to really give an accurate response without knowing all the variables including your experience level.
  5. hakstern

    hakstern Virgin Detailer

    Experience level 1? The most i've done in my detailing career is clay/wax. I've never used a polisher before. It will be my first time using a polisher. I want to learn/practice with detailing my car, which is why I asked. I hope on doing a 1 step.
  6. StreetShotz

    StreetShotz New Member

    Work with what you have. If its your first time behind a polisher do a single panel. Clean after each polish to see your results. The first few panels will probably take the longest as you get used to the speeds of the polisher, the pads your using, the compounds and what will work on each panel.

    I did this the first time around on my Supra and by the third panel I was able to get it spot on without having to go back over it to correct anything.
    Take your time, work slow and inspect your work often. There are loads of great "how to" videos out there that should be a help.
  7. inDetail

    inDetail New Member

    I work under a car port all the time. Yes you have to deal with more variables but it can be done.
    A few tips.
    1- I use a cali duster to dust the panel I am going to work on first to remove any settled dust. Some people cringe at this. Used the RIGHT way they won't scratch paint. You gently kiss the surface.
    2 -I then wipe the panel down with IUDJ mixed to QD concentration. Spray and buff off. You will be polishing paint so it will be removed when your done polishing.
    3- Use a strong LED when working outside when your dealing with other ambient lighting. LED's cut right through that.
    4 -Then I use Griot's Paint Prep or Pre Wax Cleaner spray to remove polish residue (HD compounds and polishes can be used in sun. M101 and the HD line wipe off really clean and leave little to no dust and residue squeaky clean with the finger test.) I still do a wipe down on cars to ensure proper LSP bonding.
    5- LSP - I use Griot's paint work cleanser wipe down the panel then apply LSP. One panel at a time.
    6 - When polishing make sure you clean pads often ( brush and compressed air) and keep them moist. They can dry out fast. Use distilled water or a QD.
  8. Dig123

    Dig123 New Member

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