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    I have a question about polishers and pads. I have an older porter cable polisher (doesn't have the side handle) and a new cheap random orbit waxer/polisher. Which one do you recommend using? I can return the new one, if the old one is better. Also is there any danger in compounding as far as burning the paint or something, since it is closer to the paint. Do you recommend using different pads for compound, polish and wax? If so what kind? I am a beginner
  2. Ian

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    The porter cable is going to do a better job. The chance of burning your paint with a porter cable is almost impossible. You would have to hold it on a body line or edge for awhile to burn the paint. Yes pads make a huge difference, a coarser pad is going to cut more than a fine pad. Check out detailersdomain.com for pads and compound
  3. black-n-silver

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    You will need a variety of pads (foam and microfiber) to compound, polish, and apply wax/sealant. From Detailer's Domain I would recommend a 5 inch backing plate for the PC, along with Meguiar's 5" MF Cutting Disc 2 pack, 2 Uber 5.5" Orange pads, 2 Uber 5.5" Green pads, 1 Uber 5.5" Black pad, Add the Adam's Paint Correcting Polish and Adam's Finishing Polish combo, and the wax/sealant of you choice, and you are off to a good start.

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