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  1. CDN Roadster

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    Newbie with a few questions.

    The engine bay and trunk in my car are polished aluminum. I've kept them clean but after a few seasons on the road and the panels have lost some luster.

    Can anyone recommend a good product to bring them back?

    What about a good seal to keep the maintenance down. I'd read somewhere about a product called Shark Skin.

    She's buttoned up in a cold garage right now and I don't feel like going out to take some shots but here's a picture of the chassis before the skin went on to give you an idea of what I mean.

  2. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Funny you should bring this up as I was also looking for a product to polish all metal parts on vehicles.

    So I sent Chris from eShine an e-mail to see what he could recomend and this is what he recomended:
    eShine Canada: Busch Aluminum Polish "Super Shine" (16oz)

    I got some coming my way and I'm looking forward on using it. Chris recomended it and everything Chris has recomended I've been very pleased with...so far :paranoia:

    When I recieve it and use it I can let you know how well it works :flirt: :flirt:

    As for protection, the only thing I can think of is a good sealant. Duragloss and Wolfgang are my favorite sealants..so far...oooh Klasse is supposed to be a good, long lasting sealant as well but I haven't used that...I got some but just keep putting it off to the side.

    Well just thought I'd share that's all :golf:

    Oh and by the way the vehicle looks wicked like that :applause:
  3. CDN Roadster

    CDN Roadster Virgin Detailer

    Nica, thanks for the tip.

    A friend of mine also suggested I look into marine products for aluminum polish and seal.

    I'll let you know if I come across anything interesting.
  4. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Sounds good CDN Roadster, I've been looking for a product to polish aluminum and I havent found anything that I was pleased with. So I'm kinda curious to see how this product that Chris recomended will perform. Keep me posted on what you find, and purchase and how well it performs.
  5. CDN Roadster

    CDN Roadster Virgin Detailer


    Crazy as this sounds, I did a search on AirStream Trailer maintenance (you know, those big aluminum jobs) and discovered many restoration guys use Nuvite products.

    If anyone knows about aluminum polish, I figured it would be the guys who polish huge surface areas.

    Here's the link to Nuvite Chemicals. Nuvite Metal and Paint Polish - Aircraft,Trucks,RV's,Automotive Polish, Cleaner and Degreaser - Nuvite Aluminum Polish - Leather Cleaner Treatment

    Anyone have experience with their products?

    FMINUS DB Pro Supporter

    I use Klasse to clean metal then JS.

    OR I just use the CG 2 step metal polishes
  7. jshillin

    jshillin Birth of a Detailer

  8. CDN Roadster

    CDN Roadster Virgin Detailer

    Thanks Jshillin. interesting read and some good advice.
  9. FuelTuner

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    I have used Wizards metal polish , and it has works very very well on soft metal.
    Are you going to show that beast off at Powerama this year or what??
  10. Rickrack

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    You may want to check out a product from Deep Finish called Deep Alume. I have not used it yet, but from what I hear, it works phenominal and is very easy to use. Rydawg has used it and will be able to tell you more about it.

    Here is the link: Deep Alume (8oz.) in All Products - www.deepfinish.com

    Oh, sweet car!
  11. maddoctor

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    there is a product that I use for detailing metal that I used when I worked at NASA. It's call
    Porters Polish: it removes all the oxidation while leaving a beautiful shining finish

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