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    I just won some tickets to the indy grand prix of sonoma for this sunday. Aint that something. Peep it, It don't end there, I got front row seats with back stag passes and a sit down with Dario Franchitti and Johnny Rutherford and Rick Mears. ya I'm so excited that I forgot I don't watch indy that much. So that leave me with a problem. I don't know what to ask . I know there big icon but I need some serious :help: on what to ask these guys, well I think one a girl. Anyhow any :help:
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    Best thing to do with Celebrities or Anyone for that matter is to be yourself. I wouldn't ask them much of anything really, maybe what kinda Pet do they have? What were they doing in there life at the age you are now(Assuming your alot younger then Peeps like to talk about there youth, there experience's/adventures they have been through.

    For GOD's sake, Don't start asking about how much Money do they have? How Big of a House? How many, and what all kinda cars do they have?.......Some of the questions you have, but are afraid to ask will come out if you just keep your pie-hole shut and listen.

    If you don't find a way to at least get some pic's and post them here. Then you should get the Boot :banned: This is a once in a lifetime oppurtunnity, don't blow-it :duh:

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