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  1. Bunky

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    A weekend ago, as part of my spring detailing, I need to strip the existing LSP so I mixed up 1.5 oz Adam's Soap along with 1.5 oz Optimum Power Clean in a Cam Spray foam cannon and it worked work great. :applause:

    I ended up using using 1/2 of the foam cannon bottle during the process. The foam was very good and the cleaning was great.

    I had been using CG Wash and Gloss but never liked the fact that after you finish you see water beading and added shine. I wanted something that left nothing behind. CGW&G works nice on chrome wheels and I also do not need to spend much time trying to get the CG re-mixed since it separates so quickly.

    Of course, all my work was tested when I ended up having to drive in the snow and mud. It was in the mid-60 the next day after this.

  2. piginapoke

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    I was not very pleased with CG wash products. I have yet to try Adams, right now I am on an Optimum kick and have been pleased, however I have not been using it to strip anything just maintain. P21 auto wash works very well, and has been the best stripping wash I have found, works great with an once or so of Zep Citrus mixed in.
  3. ModdedMach

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    Good ol' dawn is a beast at stripping LSP. A healthy amount of dawn in the bucket kills wax and leaves water clinging to the paint, no beading.

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