Permanon & 845???

Discussion in 'Car Detailing Product Discussion' started by specialk22tt, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. specialk22tt

    specialk22tt Virgin Detailer

    Has anyone tried applying Permanon and then following it with some 845? I realize the 845 will come off when/if the permanon does but would the 845 even stick?

    Also, for anyone who has used both permanon and 845, which did you like better? I know, I know, one's a wax and one's a sealant...I'm talking about durability/shine.

  2. dsms

    dsms DB Forum Supporter

    Permanon is great, its something I use on my own car after wash to aid in drying, add additional gloss and protection. You can get 5-6 weeks out of Permanon which is excellent for a spray on wipe on product that literally is impossible to mess up. Collinite is known for its hardcore durability so Permanon is not winning that battle. I don't think it's wise to use Permanon as your winter protection alone, its benefits lie in other areas.

    I would NOT apply Permanon before Collinite, do you proper prep (IPA or panel wipe) apply Collinite, cure properly and be done. If you want to have the best of both worlds put Collinite on and simply maintain it with Permanon every wash or 2 washes on your car. Permanon will help keep the car cleaner longer and aid with the light dust issues when you drive a clean car for the first few days. That alone is worth the price of admission. Ive been using a 10% mix of solution but 5% works okay as well.
  3. specialk22tt

    specialk22tt Virgin Detailer

    Thank you dsms for the thorough advice!

    So, from my understanding the Permanon will adhere to the 845 without problem? Have you tried the 845 & Permanon combo?
  4. dsms

    dsms DB Forum Supporter

    Its not a matter of adhesion, Permanon is not a paste or liquid sealant its simply a concentrated solution you mix with water and mist onto the car like you would a regular QD spray. I prefer using distilled water. 10% solution in 16oz of water is very little product.
  5. specialk22tt

    specialk22tt Virgin Detailer

    Good deal. Thanks again.
  6. TroyScherer

    TroyScherer DB Forum Supporter

    In my experience with Permanon it is a finicky product. To get the best durability you need to put it on bare paint and use their wash that has Permanon in it as well. Permanon bonding is limited based on what you are putting it on.

    Also Permanon does NOT like gloss enhancers or polymar enhanced soaps. As you wash with these it will re-bond to the gloss enhancers as thus wash off the vehicle. This is why they suggest their soap.

    At the end of the day I think it is overpriced for what it is and the durability. Once if finish the rest of my bottle I most likely will not be buying more.

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