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    Anybody know how to correct the following. A magnetic decal was left on a car for about a week. When it was removed it left the paint with a cloudy/foggy mark. I have the following products Menzerna Super finish, Menzerna Power finish, Menzerna Power gloss, and M105 with Uber pads ranging from cut down to glaze. I've tried Menzerna Power finish with a medium pad without success. I'm not sure if the mark is permanent or not?

  2. David Fermani

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    Try M105 with a cutting pad and tape off the existing emblem to avoid screwing it and your pad up.
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    Paint will sometimes show ‘hazing” after removing the protective polyurethane transit protection film on new shipped vehicles or magnetic badges or signs. The temporary hazing, which can appear as a slight dull discoloration, stain, or raised surface in the paint is caused by the paint finish absorbing moisture trapped below the protection film, which may cause the affected paint finish area to temporarily discolor.

    Correction- In most cases, by applying Isopropyl alcohol and exposure to sunlight allows the moisture to evaporate within a few hours.
    For colder climates, moisture evaporation recovery can be accelerated by placing the vehicle indoors and/or using a portable infrared heat lamp (or professional-type heat gun). Allow the affected area to outgas by not using a wax or sealer on the affected are for a few days
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    welcome back togwt. missed your posts.
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    welcome back togwt. missed your posts. togwt clear you pms thanks
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    well explained, i see this ALL THE TIME during my day job at the lexus dealer.

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