paint cleaner before DG#601?

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  1. distrbd

    distrbd New Member

    Hi all.
    I'm waiting for my order of DG 601&105 to arrive but was wondering if I should use a paint cleaner before applying 601 to remove several layers of sealants and waxes ,Colinite 845 being the last 3 coats.
    I know #601 is also a cleaner but am not sure if it completely removes Colinite:confused:
    Common sense tells me to use a paint cleaner like Meg.Deep Crystal (step one of the 3 system)to make sure there is no waxes or sealants left on the paint ,what do you think?
  2. Al-53

    Al-53 Welcome to Detailing

    The 601 will take care of the wax...its a good cleaner...I used it over collinite and Klasse before and my pad was it cleaned the paint good.....

  3. Deep Gloss Auto Salon

    Deep Gloss Auto Salon DB Pro Supporter

    So you are using the 601 by machine, similar to 501 I would assume?

    Hmmm, interesting, very interesting:devil:
  4. Al-53

    Al-53 Welcome to Detailing

    Justin..I use 601 by machine it takes a lot of product....601 is very light creamy stuff....really gets sucked in a PC pad...I just use a megs yellow applicator or a terry pad ...most times when I use 601 its after a polishing or even after a 101 or 501 treatment...but I have used it alone after a polishing with great results....I do things a lot of ways...I evaluate the surface and then make my

    501 I use both machine or by hand..depends on how bad the paint is...

    PS black I meant my hand applicator pad was black from grime it removed....but any hand works fine....thats why you let 601 sit awhile and then leave eats at the old coatings.....

  5. Deep Gloss Auto Salon

    Deep Gloss Auto Salon DB Pro Supporter

    gotcha!! I had only used 601 by hand also... I figured I would be all ears if you applied by machine!

    I love using 501 by machine, it really sucks an AMAZING amount of pure blackness off the paint... :cheers: thanks for all the DG tips!!
  6. JLs Detailing

    JLs Detailing DB Pro Supporter

    Yeah I used 501 yesterday and man were my pads black after using it. 501 is one heck of a cleaner.
  7. distrbd

    distrbd New Member

    Thanks Al.
    So I will go straight to 601 to remove old waxes, saves me time not having to use a paint cleaner before 601.
    Al u da man,actually da DG man:worship::worship::worship::thumb:
  8. supercharged

    supercharged DB Forum Supporter

    well said. #601 will take care of your previous sealant. Best of all, you don't need to remove it. It will vanish.

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