Optimum Gloss Coat vs. Cquartz Uk

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  1. dr.jay

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    Hey guys, I'm in the market for a new coating for a couple of my vehicles. Does anyone have experience with either of the above? Also I need enough for 2 to 3 cars and 4 sets of wheels, a 135, m3 and 4 door wrangler. Will 10cc of GC be enough if I choose it?
  2. mShu7

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    I've not used Cquartz, but I've applied Gloss-Coat several times since it has come out. I can tell you that I don't see how any coating could be any easier to apply than Gloss-Coat. If you've ever applied Opti-Seal, Gloss-Coat is quite similar. Plus, you don't have to throw away any applicators or towels that you use during the Gloss-Coat application process. Gloss-Coat is also super glossy (go figure) and slick as snot. :)

    A 10 cc syringe of GC will net you 1-2 cars, depending on your method of application and size of vehicle.
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  3. vtech22a

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    Do high spots for gloss coat look the same as with opti coat? The rainbow look.
  4. tdekany

    tdekany Wax on..Wax off

    The rainbow look is not what high spots are.

    HUMP DIESEL New Member

    In my opinion, CQ UK is not one for the faint of heart or people that haven't installed that many coatings. It can get away from you and flash very quickly. I have heard really good things about Gloss Coat. I have installed UK and it should seriously be considered a more advanced product.

  6. zerix

    zerix New Member

    I much prefer Gloss Coat to CQUK/Reload combo. First impressions are huge and I had some bad ones with CQUK/Reload. First of all I applied CQUK in summer of 2014 on a rainy humid day, so it was probably 90 in the garage with 100% humidity, big mistake, it was the biggest pain in the ass to remove it took me over 2hrs to apply it and remove. This is also around the time Reload was having problems with the "new formula", it would streak really bad and leave darker spots on the paint and whatnot if you didn't rub it in endlessly. They've since reformulated Reload and made it much easier to work with. Not only these problems but water spotting was a big issue, I tried their CarPro spotless product and it did nothing to remove the water spots. In Florida it rains then sun comes out and just bakes them on, Spotless didn't help and just removed the beading effects of the coating and reload.

    Fast forward to August 2015, decided to remove CQUK/Reload, beading was falling off at this point and had heard many good things about Gloss-Coat. First of all Optimum Hyper-Polish is hands down the best polish I've worked with. Good cut to remove all the water spots left over by CQUK experince and minor scratches in the paint from a year+ of washing. Zero dusting, fantastic product. After that used CarPro Eraser then applied Gloss Coat. I went heavy with the product and had zero problems removing it, it beads as good or better than CQUK/Reload and have had zero water spotting issues to date. I did double layers of Gloss-Coat behind each wheel well, the trunk lid, and then above the windshield inbetween the windshield and sunroof, these are the areas I noticed CQUK/Reload to start to fall off first so I just doubled the Gloss Coat there. Still beading like DAY 1 and its 8 months on at this point. They've since reformulated it to be even better I see so looking forward to using the new version at some point. I use 2 bucket method to wash the car w/ CarPro Reset and Microfiber Madness Incredipads. Zero scratching and it looks great!

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