Opti-Guarding over or under Avery Nano Fusion Film

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  1. CallMeWags

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    I was wondering if anyone has any experience putting Opti-Guard/Opti-Coat Pro over or under Avery Nano Fusion Film?

    I have a car coming in for some other work and it already has Nano Fusion Film installed but I may have a clear bra installer redo the film. The customer was asking about putting Opti-Guard down then having Nano Fusion installed then maybe Opti-Guarded again.

    I'm concerned that putting down Opti-Guard first would mess with the adhesion to the panel. I am pretty sure I have heard of people putting Opti Coat over other films but not the Avery Nano Film. I would hate to mess up newly installed film but I also am wondering if I am making a bigger deal out of this than it really is.
  2. Dust2Glory

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    if the film has any of the self-healing properties then don't, I would not put under as it will interfere with adhesion of film
  3. bryansbestwax

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    Someone I know has applied to self healing xpel with no issues. You can use opticoat under most films, its just a little harder to work with. Its sort of a waste to do it under though.

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  4. Chris@Optimum

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    I disagree with it being a waste under films. Although most film suppliers claim high UV protection and no yellowing, every one I've seen removed has a yellow tint which means UV breakdown. So, there is the potential for color fading under the film and I would OptiCoat the whole paint system uniformly. Also, while OptiCoat will prevent secure binding of environmental contaminants, that doesn't usually apply to adhesives.
  5. CallMeWags

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    Thanks everyone for the advice. I'm going to talk with my customer and see what they would like to do. I guarantee I'll be taking photos of this one and sharing the results.

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