Opti-Coat on Fading Clear Coat

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  1. jfritz

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    Hey everyone, I had a customer of mine come to me about doing some work on his Dad's F-150. He had a question which I couldn't answer for sure. He was wondering if there was anything I could do about some fading clear coat on the hood. I told him aesthetically there wasn't much I could do if there was no clear left, but I was curious if I can apply opti-coat or even a synthetic sealant to prevent any further fading. I understand that opti-coat would be the best option durability-wise compared to the sealant but I'm just curious on whether it will have a negative effect on the already faded clear coat. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Cobrakai

    Cobrakai Virgin Detailer

    Hey Jimmy -

    I applied O.C. 2.0 to an STi spoiler that was badly oxidized/fading only to find out that several months later... the haziness came back. The wing, just like the entire car, was fully corrected and wiped down with an IPA prior to O.C installation, but it reappeared.


    Edit** The paint was corrected in May, I contacted the owner yesterday for some pictures of the car currently. Here's the same wing pictured above as of today.

  3. David Fermani

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    Once the clearcoated paint has began to fail/age/fade, there really isn't a permanent fix for it. Opti might help postpone it from returning, but won't stop it.

    There is clearcoat failure on my vehicle's hood. I buff it then reapply Opti but it ends up returning in 2-3 months.

    This is the before & after:


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