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Discussion in 'Car Detailing Product Discussion' started by floraneg, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. floraneg

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    Looking for some advice. I have a friend that loved the look of Opti Coat 2.0 on my Vette and decided to do his own. He has run into a problem. He washed and buffed the car to a mirror finish and applied the 2.0. One problem....... While buffing the car, he missed the passenger rear panel and applied the 2.0. Is there ANY way to remove it to buff out the swirls. It is driving him crazy and I have to admit, it looks pretty funny out in the sun. Black 2011 Z06 Vette. The rest of the car is perfect. Not that you notice, because your eye immediately goes to the rear panel.

    Before you ask, no he was not drinking at the time. I have no idea how he applied it seeing it was not complete.
  2. Deep Gloss Auto Salon

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    Polishing will deplete the coating then allowing you access to the original clear coat to remove the defects.
  3. floraneg

    floraneg Birth of a Detailer

    The clear on the Z06 is crazy hard. It took an average of 10 to 12 passes to correct each panel. Any idea how much polishing to expect to get through the OC?
  4. Dust2Glory

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    couple passes of compound... few ipa wipe downs and check
  5. Heck

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    Another thought is Opti-coat 2.0 can be layered with in 30 days. so you can blend it into the previous completes panels.
  6. Stokdgs

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    Not having had to remove it from the dozens of vehicles I have applied Opti-Guard/Coat 2.0 to, I can only tell you what I have read on their website - if you have to remove or correct it, they advise using their products. It it was me I would get my rotary, a L/C Cyan Hydro-Shred, and their Compound and see if I can cut down to the defects and observe them being removed.

    Dan F
  7. floraneg

    floraneg Birth of a Detailer

    Will do.


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