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Discussion in 'Detailing Bliss Lounge' started by Watts, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. Watts

    Watts Virgin Detailer

    Good afternoon - looking for some opinions from some car guys. I'm a member of several communities including those related to the vehicles that I'm interested in, but I'm looking for an unbiased opinion.

    Here's the situation - Current DD is a 2003 WRX, $75K miles and in good cosmetic/mechanical condition. Figuring I could get 7-8K on a trade. Currently shopping for a large performance sedan (used with under 30k miles) in the $28-30K range after trade, so budget for about $35-37K price for the "new-to-me" car. Looking for a larger sedan with equal or better performance than my current WRX. I'm a big dude (6'4, 275lbs) so i'd like a larger sedan with room for the kids in back.

    Currently looking at: 2012 300 SRT8, 2013 Taurus SHO - I've also scouted used Genesis sedan R-Spec (don't like the interior) and 2014 Impala/2013 Avalon but the performance drops off on those.

    It's looking like the 300 srt8 will be out of my price range - currently listed in the $38-42K range. SHO will be more in the ball park. I have also considered getting a 300S which still has a V8, but not the 6.4L - not sure if I'd rather have the SHO at that point though.

    Opinions? Any vehicles I'm missing? I keep shopping other vehicles but going back to the 300 for the size/performance that I want, but not the price i need (which brings the SHO back into the picture).

    Thanks in advance!
  2. NickBlaine

    NickBlaine Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    I have a '11 300C. The hemi is decent. I'm coming from smaller cars, so this thing feels like a boat. But, the ride is very nice. Very comfortable, very little road noise.

    The acceleration/power isnt bad at all. I dynoed the car at 320/340. When it comes to corners, this thing pushes hard, and has a TON of body roll. Another thing to watch out for is the sunroof. Little noises bother me, and the headliner rattles in my car. I have had my car at the dealer MANY times trying to fix it, but they never can.
  3. Meticulous-Detail

    Meticulous-Detail DB Forum Supporter

    I will be in the same boat in Feb, looking at 300 SRT8, Charger SRT8, SHO, CTS and maybe Audi. I drove a 12 300 srt8 and loved it, if you can find a left over 12 they will heavily discount them. I am leaning towards the 300 SRT8 too and will shop until I get the price I want. BTW the SHO is sweet too, but it doesn't have the presence and character of the 300. Test drive them all before you make the decision.
  4. Watts

    Watts Virgin Detailer

    I'm buying after winter (will start test driving in March/April) so I'll hold out for a 300 SRT8 - that's what i really want anyway. I think the SHO would be a good fall back if prices don't come down a bit.

    Thanks for your help guys!
  5. Deep Gloss Auto Salon

    Deep Gloss Auto Salon DB Pro Supporter

    Have you driven the SHO?

    I did and was very surprised at how cramped I felt in such a large car.
  6. Deep Gloss Auto Salon

    Deep Gloss Auto Salon DB Pro Supporter

    I wouldnt buy a Chrysler product with your money...
  7. Meticulous-Detail

    Meticulous-Detail DB Forum Supporter

    Why not?
  8. 12`WRX

    12`WRX Virgin Detailer

    those new Taurus look real nice. Id pick the SHO over everything you listed

    I havnt seen how big the new Fusion are but what about the can get the Titanium have AWD and the 2.0 turbo motor for about $33k little cheaper but still got some go 240hp 270lb trq
  9. Deep Gloss Auto Salon

    Deep Gloss Auto Salon DB Pro Supporter

    I work in the corporate automotive industry and have for a dozen years, working with engineers from the various OEMs and witnessing first hand how the engineering communities operates and how the senior management "deals" with problems makes it much easier for me to decide where (or where not) to spend $30+k

    Plus I am a warranty analyst so seeing how these vehicles peform at various maturity points can be eye opening.

    Unfortunately I can't go into detail or I could get in deep do do
  10. JSF721

    JSF721 Jedi Nuba

    Like to throw a M35 or M37 into the equation. I am 6' 2" and 230 and often take my family with me. my 6' plus boys are comfortable back there no issues. Car is fast enough and handles well. I have owned 2006 M35Xm 2008 M35X, 2012 M37X and my current car is a M37X Sport. These things are a great bang for the buck. No issues on any.

    Lease returns are in good supply as they have an aggressive pull ahead program. That means dealer lots are full of the creampuffs that they dont want to sent to auction.

    Happy Hunting. IMHO this car is tops in its catagory.
  11. JSF721

    JSF721 Jedi Nuba

    Check resale values and also check out the forums on Edmunds. They are great indicators of the worst you can expect. I am sure the happy people don't post much but it is an indicator

    Originally Posted by Deep Gloss Auto Salon

    I wouldnt buy a Chrysler product with your money...

  12. Meticulous-Detail

    Meticulous-Detail DB Forum Supporter

    I am sure you know and see what many of us don't and have the inside scoop on the automotive industry. I am basing my opinion on friends, family and the fleet vehicles at work. I belong to a Mopar club and many of the Mopar guys are very happy with there Ram pickups, 300's, Jeep SRT8's, Chargers, Challengers and Durangos. We use Chargers and Durangos at work and beat the piss out of them on a daily basis and they hold up very well. My partners Charger 3.6 V6 with 60k ran for 3 months on 2 quarts of oil without any issues or problems because on the last oil change the mechanic never filled the oil to the proper level. My coworkers Durango ran for 125kmiles without a transmission fluid change before he had an issue because the previous coworker never followed the maintenance schedule. We are responsible to maintain our own vehicles and don't have a fleet manager.

    I have a 13 Durango RT, it's my first Mopar and so far I love. Got it the same time my brother-in-law got his Ranger Rover Sport and so far he has seen two trips to the dealer for issues and I have had none. I believe 75-80% of the Durango parts are still Mercedes Benz. GL 450. I think Chrysler has come a long way in quality, style, design and service.

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