Opel Kadett Project

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    Hi guys.
    Since I'm from Brazil, most of you never hear about that car.
    Girl not included

    It is a 80's euro sport car and 90's brazilian sport car, and for me it's nothing less than a passion. I have this car for 8 years and he have a lot of history together. Now it is time to take car of something who takes care of me.
    That's my car
    I know, instagram filters sux

    It have some dents, but I'm not preoccupied with that.

    Don't have any major issues at the sides, and painting is not compromised. So i think that only need some sort of polishing.

    The real problems are upper side of car (hood, roof and trunk door)
    Oh, snap!

    Today I tested a 3m claybar.
    It was amazing, my roof become a lot more smooth that it was before and this "burned" spots become less visible than before.
    So, i know that still need painting, but I want to make this look better before painting (since I'm still getting money for that, it's an expensive service here in Brazil)

    Anyone have any tips to how polish this roof? Wet sanding pehaps?

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