Offset Detailing Essex: 2005 Porsche Boxster Hood Renovation & Paintwork Protection

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    Hello, my name is Daryl and I run Offset Detailing, a car detailing service based just outside of Rayleigh, Essex. I have won many awards throughout the years with my own cars in the VW show scene and thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the automotive world as well as motorsport and classic vehicles.

    At Offset Detailing, our services range from full paint correction, paint enhancement, new car details, show car/concourse preparation to a simple full wash and sealant. Wheel refurbishment is also available on site. We are also mobile within the Essex, London, Kent and Surrey areas. Offset Detailing offer highly professional service with car detailing options for all budgets.

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    This 2005 Porsche Boxster was booked in at Offset Detailing Essex to have it's fabric roof redyed and protected with Renovo products. The paintwork received a thorough wash down and decontamination using Chemical Guys and Auto Finesse products.

    Once clayed and dried, the Porsche was brought in and the fabric roof was vacuumed to help aid drying. Renovo products were used for the redye and sealant process. Multiple coats were applied to achieve a dark rich finish to the fabric.

    A scuff was removed from the front bumper from a recent car park incident and paintwork protection consisted of Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid wax - two coats being applied a day apart and a spritz of Zaino Z6 for further gloss once cured.

    The wheels, calipers, trim and exterior glass were sealed with Sonax NPT. Two coats were applied.

    The interior was vacuumed throughout, with Chemical Guys Inner Clean applied to the dash and panels, with Auto Finesse Crystal for inner glass. Tyres and inner arches dressed.

    The video shows the work involved, and the finished product, as well as some pictures below.



    Many thanks for looking!:car:
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