NXT 2.0 same as 1.0??

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  1. rucdn

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    So I was at the Edmonton Car Show a couple of weeks ago and the local Meguiars rep had a display. So I asked if they had any NXT 2.0 and he said he didn't but why would I want it? He claimed it was the exact same product with new packaging!! Is this guy on crack :crasy: or is this true? Can anyone that has used 2.0 see a differences?
  2. Twista616

    Twista616 Virgin Detailer

    it pretty much is the same...just new and improved...usually when a company comes out with a new product, theres a reason for it!

    Its def better...goes on easier i think...looks very good as well!

    Give it a shot...only 15 bucks!
  3. FuelTuner

    FuelTuner Birth of a Detailer

    its alot better... still a OTC product, but a good one. just remember, it can still be pretty greasy to get off if you dont let it sit long enough. At least 20 min in a lower humidity area. and use several MF cloths to get it all off as it will gum up your cloths pretty good during removal.
  4. RTexasF

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    The "new & improved" is easier application and removal. Durability is also improved over 1.0. I have used it and have zero problems with it gumming up MF towels. It flashes quickly when applied thin and removes very easily. I think you are using way to much, thin is in.

    Overall I think it is a decent OTC product but it will mute flake and make dark colors appear darker. Great for red & black that have no flake.
  5. Sparkie

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    I agree....

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