Non-metal hood on 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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  1. joesheets

    joesheets New Member

    I am getting ready to detail my 2012 Jeep.
    This will be my first attempt at a newer car. I have derailed a '91 911 Targa and a '95 Miata M.
    I have noticed that the hood on the Jeep is not metal. I am not sure what it is made of, maybe fiberglass or plastic??
    What, if any, differences in approach should I make regarding the hood?
  2. okay65829

    okay65829 Active Member

    What model jeep? Also if it's painted then clear coated then the only thing you need to worry about is heat transfer.
  3. joesheets

    joesheets New Member

    It is a Grand Cherokee. It is painter and clearcoated like the rest of the vehicle.

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