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  1. Michael @ einszett

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    Hi everyone,

    Hope all of you are enjoying the Holiday season.

    Around late January/Early February we will have two new products, Anti-Frost Concentrated Washer Fluid and Eistau De-Icing Spray, from our Winter Care line.

    Info on the products are here: nextzett Winter Care Products

    Be sure to add yourself on the waiting list if you're interested. That way we'll send you an email once it's available at your Authorized einszett Dealer.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Anti-Frost Windshield Washer Fluid Concentrate

    Anti-Frost is a concentrated washer fluid with anti-freeze properties that excel in cleaning performance with a glare-free finish. Special formula protects against re-icing, quickly removes road grime, streaks, silicone, and other elements that can impair driving. Contains a pleasant citrus scent. Guaranteed not to damage paint, glass or rubber. Suitable for plastic headlight lenses. Developed for leading European automotive manufacturers so you can be sure you'll get exceptional results. Environmentally friendly formula is made from pure natural alcohol and is 100% biodegradable. Does not contain toxic methanol or ammonia found in common brands.

    Eistau De-Icer Spray

    Quickly de-ices frosted windshield and wipers and makes thick ice easier to scrape off. Special additives prevent re-icing. Clear visibility, prevents filming which causes dangerous glare. Will not harm enameled paints, chrome, rubber or glass. Free of toxic methanol found in more common brands. Silicone-free. Suitable for plastic headlight lenses.
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  3. trhland

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    oyessss i love this line of products.
  4. supercharged

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    when is anti-frost going to be available? I had my eye on it for a while...
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    Seems like the more products I try from them, the more products I change out on my "goto" list. Excellent stuff!!
  6. Michael @ einszett

    Michael @ einszett DB Certified Manufacturer

    By the time it arrives in port and clears customs, dealers should have it by the first week of February.
  7. supercharged

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    Awesome! Cannot wait to tryi it out!
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    I'm also interested in the Anti-Frost, even though winters where I live a short lived. What can be done to prevent Kristall Klar Washer Fluid that may currently be residing in the washer bottle from freezing. It does drop below freezing some nights here.
  9. MisterShark

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    Is this "Does not contain toxic methanol or ammonia found in common brands" referring to the Rain-X branded stuff that's commonly found at the supermarket or auto parts shops?

    I just jumped onto the Rain-X site to see if ingrediants might be mentioned or perhaps a safe/not safe for tinted windows advisory/warning but no mention exists.
  10. Michael @ einszett

    Michael @ einszett DB Certified Manufacturer

    It will not freeze just below freezing point simply because of the alcohol content in it. I would recommend mixing another brand of anti-freeze washer fluid with what you have in the washer tank. Make sure the amount you mix is relative to how much volume you have remaining so that it doesn't become too soapy.
  11. Michael @ einszett

    Michael @ einszett DB Certified Manufacturer

    The methanol has no negative effects on tint but it's a health hazard.

    What you need to do is do a google search for 'rain x washer fluid msds'.

    MSDS stands for 'Material Data Safety Sheet' and will list the key ingredients in a product that are not proprietary.

    In the all-season Rain-X washer fluid it has approx 20-30% methanol by weight.

    For comparison, I've attached the MSDS for Anti-Frost.

    I believe most brands on the market utilize methanol... and I have no idea why.

    Hope this helps.

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