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  1. Matt Tse

    Matt Tse Virgin Detailer

    Why would I use two different polish compounds? I used Meguiar DA300 and it was able to tackle all the swirl marks and scratches that I have. What will Menzerna SF4000 add to the result if I use it after the Meguiar's DA300?

    Hope you all can help me with my confusion.

  2. Red Orc

    Red Orc Birth of a Detailer

    It depends on the level of correction that's needed.
    If the paint is really messed up you'll need a compound (& the proper pad) to get rid of scratches and deep swirl marks and then a fine polish to jewel the paint (get it as smooth & glossy as possible).

    You might want to use a compound for bad swirl marks/scratches, a medium polish after that and then a fine polish to finish with.
    It depends on what kind of condition your paint is in and how mush time you want to invest in it.

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