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  1. hakstern

    hakstern Virgin Detailer

    Hey guys I'm really wanting to get into detailing, but I'm not sure if I have all the correct things to get started?
    I'm looking to learn how to polish my car. Here's my list:

    Porter cable w/ backing plate
    Pads: 2x Orange, 2x White, 1x Red, 1x purple
    SF 4000
    FG 400
    SI 1500

    Let me know if I need anything else?

    I do the 2 bucket wash aswell.
    I'm looking into getting the nanoskin for claying?
    What tire shine would you guys recommend? I would prefer something that would last a long time?
  2. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

  3. hakstern

    hakstern Virgin Detailer

    I do have a microfiber cutting pad too.

    Would hand be better than a nanoskin that works with my machine?
  4. theory816

    theory816 New Member

    For tire shine, almost all the stuff you see at the autozone will be ok to use. I have not found any that will last. Thats because tires just attracts dirt too easily. Ive heard from reviews that nanoskin is good for claying but so is the claying mitt from eagle one at autozone for 20 bucks. I dont know wtf happened but one day I use the mitt on my cars headlight and the rubber started to melt and stick to my headlights which I then had to use clay to get it off. BTw, clay magic is still pretty good but its slow as hellz to use.

    All in all you are going to polish the car anyways so I wouldnt worry too much about claying. Just clay it.

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