New to Manzerna. Need help putting together a kit please

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  1. someguy1.8t

    someguy1.8t Virgin Detailer

    I got a 2003 Audi A4 in silver, that has not been waxed or polished in about 4-5 years. I see no deep scratches, 3-4 minor ones. Mostly swirls and a little oxidation of the trunk lid. So I'm buying a porter cable and some manzerna!
    I have read that 85rd is a must, as is the power lock sealant. Correct? What else?
    Is the 85rd good for maintenance polish say every 6 months or should I get a glaze for that? I'm not sure if 85rd takes too much of the clear coat, and if it should only be used when necessary. Also should I pick up a bottle of something stronger like Super intensive polish? What pads for these steps?
    Thanks for your time
  2. Stokdgs

    Stokdgs Detail Master

    Welcome - been about what - 4 years since you joined ?

    Menzerna makes great compounds for German vehicles, and I use them all.

    If you are wanting to just barely correct the paint if any, then the PO85RD will do just that.
    If you want to correct a little bit and finish the paint down to awesome clarity, then PO106FA has a little more cut than PO85RD.
    If you want to really correct nicely and get the finish all even and really clear, then perhaps PO203S would be a good choice.
    I just did a full on correction with PO203S, Lake Country Cyan Hydro-Shred pads,and a Rotary on a 2005 Jet Black Mercedes Benz 500SL and the clarity is blinding in the sun. You cannot look at the sun in the paint or it will hurt you.
    Your Audi paint should be harder than this, so you might want to think about something with a little more correction power than PO85RD which is normally used as the last step to further refine an already corrected, beautifully finish..
    What pads are you going to use?
    Dan F
  3. someguy1.8t

    someguy1.8t Virgin Detailer

    Lol! Yeah I never made the move to polishing. I got about everything else over the years( wash buckets with grit guards, soaps, interior stuff, etc,) but that. Yeah, will be using Lake Country pads. Any suggestions to a process with pads, polish, final finish, and sealant?
  4. GDAL

    GDAL Super Moderator

    IMO, if you are only taking care of that Audi, FG400 and 203s is all that you need.
  5. someguy1.8t

    someguy1.8t Virgin Detailer

    Won't the FG400 cut too much? I thought compounding was for severe scratches
  6. GDAL

    GDAL Super Moderator

    VAG paint is hard ... FG400 is a compound but it finishes really nice. If 203s doesn't cut it, FG400 and then 203s is the way to go. I wouldn't buy 106fa and 85rd. I had both of them and always found them too greasy for my liking. Nowadays, I used Sonax Perfect Finish or HD Polish to finish.

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