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    GYEON Quartz Q2 Leather Shield

    Q2 Leather Shield is an SiO2 based formula designed specifically for Automotive Leather. This product is a step up in durability over Q2 Leather Coat and designed to protect against UV damage, dirt and contaminant, as well as create a slick surface to guard from wear during everyday use.

    Q2 Leather Shield is applied in 1 Layer and will not alter the finish or look of the Leather. This Coating is extremely easy to use without much room for user error.



    Let's go over the simple How To steps on this Ferrari 458 Italia:

    1. Clean your Leather thoroughly using Q2M Leather Cleaner

    2.. Apply a moderate amount of Q2 Leather Shield on the Suede Applicator and Block combo included in the kit.

    3. Work Leather Shield in to the surface evenly and in a small to medium sized application area.


    4. Q2 Leather Shield will feel much different than Leather Coatings you may be used to. The application will feel very light and smooth and the product will lay "wet" on the surface. This is exactly how it is supposed to look!


    5. Allow Q2 Leather Shield to dwell on the surface for 5-10 minutes. It will soak in to, and be absorbed by, the Leather surface. You will see Leather Shield begin to "dry" clearly every few minutes.

    We are indoors under AC at about 75 degrees and low humidity in the below shots.

    At about 2 mins:


    At about 5 mins:


    At about 8 mins:


    6. Give the area a final wipe with a new Microfiber Towel, like the GYEON Polish Wipe, to pick up any excess product the Leather did not absorb and you are done! On to the next section!


    GYEON Q2 Leather Shield is designed to be very easy to use and limit the risk of high spots or streaking when working with leather. Always make sure you've decontaminated the leather well, as this will lead to an easier install and more performance from the Coating. Durability on Leather is always based on how the car is used and how much action the seat see's, but we are giving Q2 Leather Shield roughly 1 Year.

    Here's the link to the Detailers Domain Store: GYEON Quartz Q2 Leather Shield

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    Thanks for the write up Jeff. I applied it a few weeks ago and it's been working very well for me.

    Thanks for answering my questions on facebook in regards to it's application.
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    Hi neighbor:

    You're in Golden? I'm down the road south on 470 in Ken Caryl.
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    What are the benefits to this over say a normal leather conditioner?

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