New MTM 14.5001 problem

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  1. dedonderosa

    dedonderosa Virgin Detailer

    anyone else having trouble with the foam cannon? model 14.5001

    i add about 4-5oz of soap and some warm water. start spraying it comes out real thick for only about 10 seconds then it only comes out very runny soap. for some reason it does not stay consistent with thick foam. not sure why this keeps happening. if i stop and add a lot more soap it will do the exact same thing. kinda bothering me too, using adams polishes blue soap but it seems to do the same thing regardless of what soap i use

    pressure washer is a 2800psi 2.3gpm
  2. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    which pressure washer is it? got a video? did you shake the bottle up or turn it upside down so it's a bit less concentrate on the bottom.

    did you adjust the top adjustment?
  3. dedonderosa

    dedonderosa Virgin Detailer

    2800PSI 2.3 GPM honda powered pressure washer, yes i shake it up for a good 15 seconds using warm water. comes out real thick for the first 10-15 seconds then it comes out really runny. ive only use it maybe 5-6 times max. could it be possilbe the screen filter is clogged up already with soapscum and hard water deposits ?

    it shouldnt make a difference shaking up the bottle versus turning it upside down, you wanna get the soap mixed well dont you?
  4. dedonderosa

    dedonderosa Virgin Detailer

    i took the screen out last night and have been soaking it in CLR, and let me tell you how much rust and crap has been coming off it. by what ive been reading it seems all the filters do get clogged of time with use, im gonna reinstall the filter and try it out this weekend and let you know how it does.

    Phil when you use yours do you add the water first or the soap? and how do you mix it etc? there shouldn't be any certain technique correct

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