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Discussion in 'Show and Shine' started by kakeuter, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. kakeuter

    kakeuter DB Forum Supporter

    I think this is a 1974, I could be wrong. Our customer has been having this car worked on for years, he's a big fan of having something unique that you don't see too often.

    Once he got the car delivered he wanted us to come by and get it cleaned up and protected. He wasn't looking to spend a lot of money, so we gave it a very light polishing. Car had substantial orange peel, would be nice to give it a wetsand.

    LSP was BFWD, wheels got Opti-Seal and interior only needed a vacuum and wipedown.

    Products used:
    Meguiar's Gold Class
    APC 10:1
    Various brushes
    ONR Clay lube
    Fine Blue Clay
    Uber Green Pads
    LC Black Pads
    LC Red Pad
    Opti Seal
    PC 7424XP
    Meguiars G110v2
    Griot's 3in DA
    Various MFs

    Car was in pretty good shape when we arrived

    After it was washed we started to clay it. Here's after the front end.

    Here was after the rest of the car.

    After an IPA wipedown, we got it taped up.

    Typical defects

    Like I said, only a light polishing, but it came out really nice



    Little overspray, hard to capture

    Cleaned up really easy

    Leftover compound from whoever buffed it before

    Pain to clean up, but it went away

    Some afters

    Tried to capture the finish, might need a better camera

    Pulled outside





    DOHC B16A

    Wish I could take more time and snap more pics when we work, we're getting better at it though. Hopefully I can keep posting more work.

    Thanks for looking, feedback welcome.
  2. rfinkle2

    rfinkle2 DB Forum Supporter

    The detail looks great. That clay was trashed.

    Was your customer Mr. Bean, and if so, how did you know what services he wanted? lol

    I wonder if today's mini drivers would even know that was the original?
  3. Devinh

    Devinh Virgin Detailer

    That car is awesome. Even better with the b16. Great job on it too.
  4. billyblooshoes

    billyblooshoes DB Forum Supporter

    great job! that is one sick looking little mini. i wouldnt mind whipping that thing around...
  5. kakeuter

    kakeuter DB Forum Supporter

    Haha, this guy is surprisingly the opposite of Mr. Bean.


    Thanks! Yeah, the car is really quick with that motor.
  6. Supertuner

    Supertuner Jedi Nuba

    Great Job, I've been wanting an original mini for a while, be a cool project car, I rode in one a few years back and was surprised at how much space there is, reasonable comfortable and a really fun car. Any Interior pics?
  7. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    Love the wheels, not sure if I like the kit. But from a detailing perspective, fantastic work!
  8. TheRustySuper

    TheRustySuper Obsessive Detailer

    Looks great! I always love seeing older cars getting detailed, it's not something you see a lot. Makes me wanna get out there and detail my Beetle :)
  9. kakeuter

    kakeuter DB Forum Supporter

    Thanks, he's got another one, but the owner of the custom shop is going to take it off his hands and build him another one. Dude loves those cars.

    Thank you!

    Thanks! I know, every time I'm on this forum I get inspired to work more.
  10. Danny

    Danny Nuba Guru

    Looks great that one good looking mini
  11. richy

    richy Guest

    Man you got that thing looking great. Little cars are a buzz to work on. I did a cinquecento last summer but it was a rough,rough car. I love the colour on that Mini!!
  12. klink10

    klink10 Virgin Detailer

    Awesome car and you did a great job. Thanks

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