New From Einszett - Brilliant Gloss Car Wash Shampoo

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  1. Michael @ einszett

    Michael @ einszett DB Certified Manufacturer

    Hey everyone. We wanted to let you know that we just took delivery of our latest shipment and on it we have our newest car wash shampoo, Brilliant Gloss Car Wash Shampoo.


    Here are some of the benefits that we think could make this your go-to car wash shampoo whether you're a professional detailer or just a weekend warrior.
    • Special surfactants effectively remove road grime and contaminants
    • Produces thick rich suds
    • Adds a high gloss, brilliant shine
    • No spotting or streaking
    • pH balanced formula is safe on all surfaces and safe on wax finishes
    • Will not cause skin drying
    • Phosphate-free, formalin-free
    • Concentrated 1:500 mixing ratio

    For more details check out this link

    or feel free to ask me questions right here.

    Meanwhile, for those of you in the US, have a fun and safe 4th!
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  2. MaxShine

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    I didn't see a video of this product in action. Do you have a video? Also, how could I get a sample of this to test out?

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