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Discussion in 'Interior Car Care' started by stingray23, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. stingray23

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    I'm helping my parents clean their Cadillac Escalade. Between hauling stuff in the back and taking the dog to shows, its really gotten dirty and smelly. I want to clean it for them, but I want to do a very thorough job. I plan on taking out the seats to have full access. What can I use to do this? I do not own a carpet cleaner, so I would have to go rent one. What kind of products can I use? WHat are the procedures I should follow? I'd like to take off most, if not all, of the stains and odor. Also, I want to clean the headliner. Will I be able to use the same products and procedures to clean that as well?
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    Headliner- if there are areas where your head touches the ceiling you will probably notice that these areas accumulate dirt and the like because of the oils that come from your hair and your skin that are now on the headliner.

    Vacuum the headliner making sure you apply pressure, but not too much. Not only can you set the stains in this way, you may tear what can be very fragile upholstery if you press too hard. Vacuum thoroughly to make sure that you get all of the loose dust fragments

    Cleaning - Duragloss 451 Fabric & Carpet Cleaner Aerosol Foam (FC) is a blend of surfactants, which gently foam away soil, oil and grease from fabric and carpet surfaces.

    Spot cleaning can be done without leaving rings on fabrics, carpet and velour. Use Dr Joe dedicated Lint-Free 100% Cotton Blue Huck Surgical Towels, using very light pressure and wipe the headliner following the cleaning with the water based cleaner (do not soak or use hot water on the headliner fabric as it may delaminate) Dry by blotting with a clean, dry surgical huck towel
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    So what makes the dr joe towels so special?
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    DrivePur Klenz is my recommendation.
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    I recently did my boyfriend's mom's Ford Taurus, and it had splatters of what looked like soda and vomit on the headliner. I used OPC 3:1 and a microfiber towel. On heavily soiled areas I lightly sprayed the headliner, let it soak for a minute or two, and then gently dabbed/wiped at the headliner. On lighter soiled areas I sprayed the OPC on the microfiber and did the same thing, dabbed/gently wiped at the area. It removed all the stains on the headliner.

    Try a little test spot first to make sure it won't do anything weird to your headliner (such as take out the color or damage the adhesive), take your time, and be gentle with it.
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    Go grab some Folex from Home Depot, you won't find anything easier to use on just about any type of stain on carpet.
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    +10000000 for FOLEX
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    Thanks guys
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    Go to target, get the little green carpet cleaner...its the best 100 ive spent

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