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    TONY MONTANA DB Forum Supporter

    sometimes no matter what i try i cant get leather fully clean. its alwways the driver seat cause its always the dirtiest of course or the passenger seat. now its not cracks if thats what your thinking nor is it stains like something has spilled on the seat its just dirty leather ive tryed differant leather cleaners including leather masters strong, and several techniques like spraying the cleaner on a towel then wiping or spraying the cleaner directly on the leather, letting it soak in, scrubbing with brushs and towels and sponges. is leather like carpet stains where you just cant get every stain out? do i need a steem cleaner? someone once told me to use degreaser but that seems a little harsh. so is it me what am i doing wrong? please help guys it really bugs me to look at a dirty seat when the rest of the interior is clean :help:
  2. 911Fanatic

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    Try using one of these AG Hi Tech Cleaning Pads. Its actually MF, but is great for cleaning grainy material like doorpanels and leather. I typically spray the pad with two or three shots of my leather cleaner and two of water to thin it out and then scrub the seat back OR cushion. Let it soak for about 30 seconds then hit it again with the pad and wipe clean. Very seldom do I need to do it twice.
  3. anbuzero

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    ^Kens product looks good, but have you tried an apc diluted to aout 8:1 or 10:1, i think ive read this is safe and effective on leather :shrug:
  4. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

    The hi-tech pad is AMAZING! I do not know what I would do without it, it seems like a normal little pad but once you use it you are amazed that it actually makes a difference in cleaning.
  5. kustomizingkid

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    Leather Masters makes a cleaner that is even stronger than Strong Cleaner is... Phil recommends it for things like blue jean dye transfer...

    I have yet to use my steam cleaner on any light colored leathers... both cars I did had blacks seats...
  6. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    Has anyone tried this on jean dye? I'd be really interested if it works.
  7. togwt

    togwt Nuba Guru

    This product works 'just like it says on the tin' even on light colour leather

    Leather Master Super Remover- for removing blue jean transfer, newspaper print and deep stains like mustard on protected (Type P) leathers. This product works, even when nothing else will. Often on light-colored leathers, it appears that the colour is coming off the leather because you can only see the surface. What has actually happened is a transfer of a lighter colour to the leather's surface from blue jeans and/or newspaper print.
    • Pre-test the leather prior to use in a hidden area to insure colorfastness of leather.
    • Apply the Leather Master Super Remover to a soft, clean, white cloth and blot the leather, rubbing lightly to remove the transferred colour.
    • Pay attention to your cloth to see if you are removing color from the leather. There is a fine line between removing the jean transfer and also taking away some of the leather's original color.
    • You will have reached maximum transfer removal when you see the original color on the cloth without taking away the leather's colour. Clean the surface with Leather Master Soft Cleaner to rinse away any residue of the product. It is very important to completely remove all residue or traces of the Super Remover. Allow to dry for about one hour
  8. kaiten408

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    Have you tried using a cotton terry towel rather than a MF? I find it has more bite to it and can clean a bit better, though I can't compare it to the Autoglym pad.

    Also, have you tried our Leatherique? It's the best leather cleaner i've ever used. The Pristine Clean removes way more dirt than other leather cleaners I've used like Zymol and Meguiars.
  9. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

    I never use MF on leather due to the fact that MF are meant to lift particles off the surface and if the leather clear has some "chips" it will peal those off, so I have always used terry cloth to clean seats and buff off conditioners. The Autoglym pad is not like MF when you think of it but more like felt/terry cloth like fibers hard to describe.

    TONY MONTANA DB Forum Supporter

    yes ive tryed cotton towels and nothing i also just got leatherique but havnt given it a try yet but i also do want something that doesnt take 2 days to work. i'll give leatherique a try though and see if that works and that autoglym pad looks interesting

    TONY MONTANA DB Forum Supporter

    havnt tryed apc i wonder if it might be too harsh for leather???
  12. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

    I have used Opt Power Clean on leather, 5:1, and it works great cleaning the leather in my GTI.
  13. anbuzero

    anbuzero DB Pro Supporter

    yeh it depends on what apc you have. for example if i were to try CG Grime Reaper on leather id start with it diluted 10:1 then move down maybe 8:1 is 10:1 doesnt work. Just like polishing move from least aggressive to most. Just make sure to wipe it down with distilled water afterwards and a good leather conditioner.
  14. judyb

    judyb Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Cleaning leather is a straight forward process. Use a tried and tested dedicated leather cleaner (foam is best as it allows dwell time) together with a stiff bristled brush (microfibres are not recommended for leather ) to allow the product down into the grain pattern to lift the dirt. Remove residues with a paper towel or terry towel.

    If you are having problems getting leather clean it may be that there are underlying problems that need resolving in a different way.

    Dye transfer:
    Dye stuff from jeans and clothing will leave a greyish or blusish looking tint on pale leathers. As most dyes are just that and quite aggressive they are slowly absorbed into the finish on the leather. Most dedicated leather cleaners will remove what is on the surface but cannot remove what is in the finish. LM Super Remover is a solvent/cleaner combination and should be used with care only on the areas that have the dye transfer. This product softens the finish which allows the dyes to be removed. Jean & dye transfer removing products are available but will only work to a certain extent. If the dyes are very aggressive or have been sitting on the leather for a long time it may be impossible to remove them and the only way to fully rectify the situation would be to recolour the leather.

    Cracked pigment:
    On pale leathers micro cracking pigment will always appear to be dirt to the naked eye. If you look through a microscope (40x) you will actually see that the pigment has cracked and no amount of cleaning will rectify this.
    Trying to clean this problem with over aggressive products or adding oils/ waxes etc could actually make the matter worse as they could release the pigment even further.
    The only way to resolve this problem is to have a light restoration job done to refinish the coating. This is an ideal time to have this tyep of work done as it will use the minimum amount of products and be very successful.

    Both these situations can be avoided to a certain extent.
    Dye transfer can be prevented completely by using a good leather protector (one that works and has been tested) together with regular cleaning with a water based cleaner (this only needs to take a few minutes). If these 2 steps are done dye transfer would not build up and can be eliminated.
    Cracking in pigment is generally caused by dirt together with abbrassion so once again cleaning is the key. Leather should not be allowed to get dirty this way dirt cannot do any damage. Using a protector will make the leather easier to keep clean, then maintenance is easier and quicker. No need for 5 hours to allow products to work!!! this simply is not necessary.

    Adding products containnin oils and/or waxes to either of these situations will not help and may add to the problem so should be avoided.

    Hope this helps

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