Need advice. In what order do you clean your vehicle (exterior)

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    2012 Tuxedo black Super Crew F150

    Looking for some tips on the order in which some of you clean your car from start to finish. Mine is pretty basic but I know there’s a way to make things better and efficient and/or productive. Here’s how I knock out a basic wash/wax:
    Keep in mind, my time has been CONSUMED with other projects so don’t be TOO pi$$ed that I take my truck to a car wash quite often lol
    Car wash (basic wash with hand clean wheels)
    Drive home and apply tire dressing to tires and undercarriage (frame, wheel wells, rear axle, etc)
    With the wheels I have now, I prefer a glossy/shiney look for my tires. Method I’m using now really sucks because it flings everywhere. I’m using Maguire’s tire shine. Spray on liberally and sit. When I’m completely done with the truck, I will wipe them down with a towel to clean up any tire dressing puddles on my side wall tread. (Good Year Wrangler DuraTracs with a pretty aggressive side wall)
    After that, I will go over entire vehicle with Meg’s quick detail to clean up any tire dressing overspray and any spots that may have been missed from car wash.
    Then clean the windows to clear up any tire dressing overspray (complete pain in the @$$)
    Apply wax (porter cable) with blue Uber finishing pad
    Clean all outer chrome around the truck
    Hand clean each wheel with Megs glass cleaner (KMC XD series black Hoss wheels)
    I can usually knock this out in about 2 hours
    I know theres some of you that are reading this with raised eyebrows and shaking your head lol help me out

    My first purchase in the next couple of days will be the Uber Super Duper foam cannon. But that will be a different topic for a different thread….look forward to that thread to make up for this one lol

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