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    Hey guys. I just bought a new trailer and when I had it built I upgraded to anozized aluminum trim on the front and rear. When I took delivery a few months back it looked incredible. The trailer is kept in a garage when not being towed, but a few months of driving in Florida rains have already started to take its toll on the shiny aluminum. I polished it on Friday with Aero Metal Polish and Bombs Away metal polish. Both did a decent job but left it cloudy in spots. I used a MF cutting pad and my Flex 3401.

    I've watched a few videos on YouTube where guys are polishing 18 wheelers fuel tanks with a rotary and getting it like a mirror. But I've also seen the video where the guys restore Airforce One with a bunch of Flex's. But in the Airforce one video they don't say what products they used.

    Anyone have any advice for me to get the aluminum front and rear looking mirror like? I have a Flex 3401, Griots 6" DA, Griots 3" DA and a ton of foam, wool and MF pads. Also in the cabinet are Einszettes Chromephledge, Menzerna Metal Polish, Aero Metal polish and Bombs Away Metal polish.

    Thanks in advance.


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