Need Advice: 2014 Durango Black cobwebbing

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  1. Stormtruck2

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    The vehicle has 18,000 miles, black, and has spider webbing marks in the finish. I have only a WEN 10" RO and it uses bonnets. I have never done detailing before, just very thorough cleaning. It was washed, clay barred, and a coat of good wax last week at the dealer. I know it was done because I helped do it. They use high quality products, Meguiars, and others. Living in Iowa the winters can be tough on vehicles. Should I wait until spring clean up to polish and wax, or should I waste this wax job, polish and wax to get through the winter. What do I need to do to remove the cobwebbing, and get the wet shine? What products should I buy, and do I need to get a polisher or can it be done by hand??
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    can you post up photos of the car's paint condition?
  3. Stormtruck2

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    This, sadly, is the best photo I could get. I can only see the swirls when the sun is just right. I think this means they are fairly shallow. I appreciate any and all hints and suggestions.

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