Nanoskin Brake Dust

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    Subscribed. Hopefully it's not just an expensive copy of the Armor All product.
  3. Fenderpicks

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    Talking about Nano-skin, back in DF i purchased 4-5 Nanoskin products.
    Including Rain Glass sealant / Rain Prep / Anti Fog / Hydro express / Glide

    Out of all those probably only Glide is WORTH using.
    Everything else simply didnt WORK like it was advertised, i even called them and let them know whats going on and they tell me theres nothing they can do, since i didnt purchase directly FROM them, and i got it during Detail fest at autogeek. And they were one of the vendors there during the DF

    im never spending a DIME on nanoskin brand EVER
  4. SoCal Garage

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    Nanoskin should have accommodated you. If not to provide customer service, but more so to learn why you thought it failed to produce the results you were looking to attain. Here is the interesting aspect that they told: Nanoskin does not have direct sales (yet) so their line of not purchasing direct from them is bogus on Nanoskin's part.
  5. Fenderpicks

    Fenderpicks Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Problem is i did exactly what the bottle and they say.
    The products simply does not work

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